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April 25, 2024-- Larry thanks everyone who turned out for his talk at this year's A Day with Northwestern event last Saturday. An overflow crowd required that NU move the session to the Norris Center's Louis Room, where Larry and Northwestern University historian Kevin Leonard discussed Larry's book Gus Hornsby's Gamble, early NU history, and how nineteenth-century "first wave" feminism tied into early American football in Chicago.

This was the second of two lectures about Hornsby and Larry's biography. It is possible that one or two additional events might be slated for later this summer. Stay tuned!


Northwestern University Historian Kevin Leonard (left) poses before the session with Barbara Hague and Larry LaTourette. Barbara was the first editor to help with the manuscript for Gus Hornsby's Gamble.


Next Hornsby Lecture: April 20

at Northwestern University

March 9, 2024-- Back in the 2010s, Larry was the chair of A Day with Northwestern, Northwestern's annual day-long event that draws in hundreds of university alumni and community members for a full slate of presentations and lectures by Northwestern faculty and alumni. This spring, for the first time, Larry will present at the event. 

Larry will co-present "Gus Hornsby and the Birth of Northwestern Football" with Northwestern University Archivist and Historian Kevin Leonard in the late afternoon sessions at the 2024 A Day with Northwestern event in Evanston, Illinois, on Saturday, April 20. 

This lecture is the second in a limited series geared to discuss the people and landmark moments described in Gus Hornsby's Gamble. This presentation will focus more on Northwestern's role in the book and the importance of the school's first football team in the history of the sport.

You can find more information about this year's A Day with Northwestern showcase by clicking here.

about  larry

For over twenty years, while crafting marketing insights professionally, Larry has been writing as a hobby. As the Next Roaring '20s began, he took steps to turn his hobby into his new, additional profession.

Larry holds a Master of Arts degree in social anthropology from Northwestern and works as a marketing analytics expert. He has written two nonfiction books, including Gus Hornsby's Gamble. The final draft of his first book-length work of fiction is now complete. 


Larry lives in Illinois with his wife, two children, and two poorly-trained but well-meaning dogs.

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Photo by Tom McGrath


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