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Thanks to all the Facebook friends so far who have posted their photos of (and with!) their early copies of Larry's new book, Gus Hornsby's Gamble!

Gus Hornsby's Gamble:

Book Launch!


July 6, 2023-- Gus Hornsby's Gamble is now available in paperback and e-book form. After two years of research, another year delayed due to COVID, and a further year shopping the book, Larry LaTourette's story of the man who brought football to the Midwest is now in stores.

Hornsby is the true story of the man who founded Chicago's first football team and the men and women at the pivotal first game in the Midwest in 1876.


You can watch a six-minute video introducing the book on the Gus Hornsby's Gamble page.

Gus Hornsby's Gamble:

Book Unboxing

June 27, 2023-- While we're still a couple of days away from the official launch of Gus Hornsby's Gamble on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, the author's copies have arrived from the publisher. Here is the requisite unboxing video to celebrate:

New Book Project, "Florence,"

Kicks off

JAN. 5, 2023-- Happy new year! 2022 was a productive year for Larry: Gus Hornsby's Gamble found a home with McFarland Publishing, and he finished the (still untitled) first book in his Orache Pearl fantasy trilogy. While McFarland works to release Hornsby later this year and the Orache book is being shopped around, Larry has kicked off a new writing project.


Rather than dig into a second Orache book, he has taken a new direction, beginning research for a project titled Florence. Florence will be an adult novel, bridging historical and literary fiction. You can track his progress on this project by clicking here. Larry expects the first draft of Florence to be ready by the end of the year.

Gus Hornsby's Gamble:

Cover reveaL

OCT. 1, 2022-- McFarland Publishing has released the first look at the cover for Gus Hornsby's Gamble, set for release in 2023:

The publisher's art department hit this one out of the park! It's elegant, and it captures the mystery that surrounds Gus Hornsby.

hornsby bio: title reveaL

JULY 18, 2022-- The upcoming biography of Gus Hornsby now has an official title, and McFarland Publishing will soon put the book on its lists of upcoming releases. View the promo video below to see the final title for the book:



JULY 11, 2022-- Larry's biography of football pioneer Gus Hornsby has been purchased by:

McFarland Publishing is a leading independent publisher of academic books, covering popular topics in a serious fashion, and manufacturing books to high library standards.

McFarland will publish the biography in 2023. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more info, including the announcement of the final title of the book, coming on July 18.

about  larry

For over twenty years, while crafting marketing insights professionally, Larry has been writing as a hobby. As the Next Roaring '20s began, he took steps to turn his hobby into his new, additional, profession.

Larry holds a Master of Arts degree in social anthropology from Northwestern and works as a marketing analytics expert. He has written two nonfiction books, one published in 2005 and another hopefully on its way to bookshelves soon. The final draft of his first book-length work of fiction is now complete. 


Larry lives in Illinois with his wife, two children, and two poorly-trained but well-meaning dogs.

Additional bio and press materials coming this fall.


Photo by Tom McGrath


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