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Work in Progress #1:
Orache Pearl,
Book O

(Working Title)

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Painting: Butterfly Boy, Fran Forman, 2009

The manuscript for Larry's first book-length work of fiction is done! He began this untitled story a few years ago, but the roots of the story go back much further, to a family vacation at Egg Harbor in Wisconsin in 2008.


During the stay at Egg Harbor, Larry drafted an outline for what he thought would be a children's story. Not satisfied at the time with the idea, he shelved and forgot it-- until a decade later.

To his surprise, it ended up not a story for children at all; rather, it is a mature story, but with a child protagonist. It is the first book of what he hopes will be a trilogy.

Much more to come, as Larry works to find a home for the first book of the Orache Pearl stories.

GENRE: YA / adult crossover speculative fiction; fantasy.


"Be different,
because you’ll be
harder to cage
if you’re different."

—From Untitled  (Orache Pearl, Book One)

Work in Progress #2:

(Project Title)

Now that Gus Hornsby's Gamble is on its way to readers this summer, and the first Orache Pearl book is finished and being shopped, Larry is ready to begin a new writing project.

Florence (the project title) is kicking off in January 2023. Larry estimates that he will finish primary research for the book in June and will begin writing in earnest later this summer. With any luck, the first draft will be done toward the end of the year.

GENRE: adult; historical / literary fiction.

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