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Work in Progress #1:
Orache Pearl,
Book O

(Working Title)

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Painting: Butterfly Boy, Fran Forman, 2009

The manuscript for Larry's first book-length work of fiction is done! He began this untitled story a few years ago, but the roots of the story go back much further, to a family vacation at Egg Harbor in Wisconsin in 2008.


During the stay at Egg Harbor, Larry drafted an outline for what he thought would be a children's story. Not satisfied at the time with the idea, he shelved and forgot it-- until a decade later.

To his surprise, it ended up not a story for children at all; rather, it is a mature story, but with a child protagonist. It is the first book of what he hopes will be a trilogy.

Much more to come, as Larry works to find a home for the first book of the Orache Pearl stories.

GENRE: YA / adult crossover speculative fiction; fantasy.


"Be different,
because you’ll be
harder to cage
if you’re different."

—From Untitled  (Orache Pearl, Book One)

Work in Progress #2:

(Project Title)

Now that Gus Hornsby's Gamble is released, and the first Orache Pearl book is finished and being shopped, Larry has begun a new writing project.

Larry kicked off Florence (the project title) in 2023. The research is a daunting task but should be finished in early 2024. He hopes to have the final draft by the end of the year.

GENRE: adult; historical / literary fiction.

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